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Eileen M. Sullivan
Counsel to the Chief Assistant District Attorney

Jacqueline R. Duckfield
Director of Administration and Finance

The Administration Division is responsible for the overall management of the Queens District Attorney’s Office, encompassing the Office’s Fiscal Services and Budget, Personnel and Payroll Services, Systems Management and Information Services Departments, as well as an active funding outreach and program development effort.

Specifically, Fiscal Services and Budget oversees the Office’s nearly $40 million dollar annual budget, both operating and capital, and all fiscal operations, planning and implementation. Fiscal also handles all procurements for the office through its Purchasing Department.

Personnel and Payroll Services oversees human resources and personnel administration for the office, staffed with nearly 600 employees. The department also is responsible for overseeing labor relations, payroll, time and leave, and benefits administration.

In recent years, both the Systems Management and Information Services Departments have been the recipients of “Excellence in Technology” awards given by New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications at the citywide annual GovTech forums.

Systems Management oversees all computer hardware and networking equipment for the Queens District Attorney’s Office, which is based in six separate facilities in the County. Over the past few years, with the help of New York City capital funding, the network has been virtually re-built, with all new servers, computer infrastructure, storage area network equipment and desktops throughout the office. Systems Management also oversaw development of a secure virtual private network for the office, that now can link off site facilities and investigative and legal staff in the field to network services remotely and securely. All this has allowed for increased technological capability and the ability to enhance linkages to outside agencies, including the New York City Police Department, New York City Corrections, the courts and many other local, state and federal agencies.

Information Services has primary responsibility for software development in the office. The bureau has been a leader in the New York City and New York State data share effort, establishing crucial linkages and information sharing with federal, state and local agencies to enhance the efficiency of case handling -- including, with NYPD, digital 911's, digital photographs, and access to domestic incident report databases. Information Services developed a cutting edge interactive case tracking and real time “arrest to arraignment” monitor of case processing and intake of arrest cases in the County. This has greatly aided in Queens long leading the City in the both “arrest to arraignment” and “arrest to sworn” times in the City.

The Administration Division also oversees an active new program development effort and funding outreach to state, federal and local agencies, including New York State’s Division of Criminal Justice Services, New York City’s Offices of the Criminal Justice Coordinator, Management and Budget, and Information Technology, the United States Department of Justice, as well as Congressional and New York State legislative delegations. Through this work over the years, funding was obtained and numerous specialized programs were established to enhance the office’s work in a wide array of areas, including financial exploitation of the elderly matters, youth anti-violence and anti-truancy initiatives, child abuse, human trafficking, auto crime and insurance fraud, enhanced domestic violence programs, auto crime and insurance fraud, narcotics and firearms trafficking, and enhanced victim support services, among many others. Most recently, these programs led to the establishment of two multi-disciplinary centers in the County -- the Queens Child Advocacy Center, a multi-disciplinary collaboration to enhance response to and support for victims of sexual and physical abuse and their families and the Queens Family Justice Center, which joins police, prosecutors and a wide array of not-for-profit victim support and legal services in a collaborative effort to address the many complex issues posed by the incidence of domestic violence.


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