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A Career at the Queens District Attorney’s Office

District Attorney Brown’s extra-ordinary statewide reputation, coupled with his goal of building the finest prosecutor’s office in the state, has made the Queens District Attorney’s office the choice for talented and motivated attorneys.

He has assembled an unparalleled leadership team of top-notch career prosecutors, some from within the office itself and some who came to Queens from every major prosecutor’s office in the metropolitan area. They are men and women who share his vision and have helped the DA make the Queens District Attorney’s Office a well managed and thoroughly professional public office.

The Queens District Attorney leads a staff of approximately 300 assistant district attorneys plus an equal number of investigators, accountants, paralegals, secretaries, clerks and other support personnel. District Attorney Richard A. Brown has organized the office to reflect the prosecutorial priorities of his administration: violent crime, white collar and organized criminal conduct and so-called quality of life crimes.

Because the success of any DA’s office depends on the performance of the assistant district attorneys on the front lines we place the highest priority on attracting law school graduates who have the greatest potential to develop into first-class prosecutors, and then on carefully and comprehensively training them in order to maximize their legal, trial and investigative skills.

In our view, the ideal prosecutor is as effective when summing up to a jury as when briefing and arguing a sophisticated issue of law. The ideal prosecutor is as comfortable when interrogating a suspect in a station house at three o’clock in the morning as when cross-examining a defense expert in a courtroom at three o’clock in the afternoon. We believe each skill complements and enhances the other and we strive to develop each of them with every one of our new assistants.

Diverse and Cosmopolitan

The areas of special emphasis in our office are, naturally, heavily influenced by the characteristics of our jurisdiction, Queens County. Queen’s over two million people form a remarkable polyglot of neighborhoods and ethnic groups that make the county one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan areas in the world. Large communities of African, Asian, European, South and Central American people, speaking more than 90 languages, mingle on the bustling street of Queens.

Reaching into these culturally diverse areas presents special challenges to law enforcement, an issue to which our office has been especially sensitive. Like New York City itself, Queens is a collection of neighborhoods which span the economic spectrum, each with its own proud history, and each requiring specialized attention from our office.

As the home of New York City’s two major airports (John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia), Queens is also one of the most important international borders in the United States. This presents our office with special law enforcement problems, such as international drug smuggling, organized crime activity and labor racketeering, that add to the already spicy diet of challenges we face on a daily basis.

Queens, long thought of as a bedroom community for our western neighbor, the Borough of Manhattan, is in fact one of the 15 most industrialized counties in the United States. The county boasts many parks, art centers and museums. We have major league baseball - the New York Mets - and Big East college sports at St. John’s University. Queens annually hosts the United States Open at the Tennis Center at Flushing Meadow, where two World’s Fairs were held.

The District Attorney’s main offices are at or near the Criminal Courts Building on Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens. The Kew Gardens complex include new courthouses, providing our office with modern and centralized facilities. The Investigation Division and Appeals Bureau are housed in an ultra-modern office building nearby. The Appeals Bureau includes a first class research library and a moot courtroom to enhance our many training programs.







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